Welcome to Hotel Britannia

It’s our pleasure to welcome you to our popular establishment that exudes the beauty of its colonial architecture and the warmth of its friendly staff. The Britannia Hotel, with its rich history and beautiful ambiance is infectious and will captivate you like it has done with its enormous client base that patronizes it through all seasons. Even with our ex-pats that hail from the UK, Canada, America and Aussie

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The Britannia Hotel was built in 1879 by Castle Wine and E K Green a liquor wholesaler. It served primarily the White population of Durban and was classified as such. Initially it was one block of a building but later it was extended to include more facilities. During the reign of the apartheid regime the wholly White status quo remained in terms of the main facilities of accommodation and pub.

In an obscure isolated part of the building the owners earmarked two little rooms called “coolie bar” and “kaffir bar” (derogatory terms to refer to Indians and Blacks respectively). These were really not bars but little rooms serviced by hatches from the main bar. The hotel was then sold to Hymie Saacks who later sold it to two Indian businessmen. Not much had changed during their reign till in 1983 the Moodley family took over. Since then it had undergone a major transformation.

The last decade has seen the business grow exponentially so much so that Britannia Hotel has become a very popular eatery on the map of Durban. We are noted for exquisite curries but of late the demand for our succulent grilled prawns has increased. Our rooms are comfortable, competitively priced and is very popular with tourists from Gauteng. We pride ourselves with giving value for money whether it’s our wide range of food we sell or the accommodation we provide.

We urge you to experience the unique blend of the old and the new character of the hotel. If you’re looking for ambiance, comfort and good food, Britannia Hotel is the place for you!